Being a pool and snooker fan for a long time, I wanted to see one day my country reach the standards of the professional level. For that, I decided to launch a management project for these two sports at the national level.

Before starting, I needed a person who understands very well all the problems that these sports encounter, more precisely a professional player. After some research, I come across Jouad Tabit; world team champion in 2014, African team champion in 2017 and one of the best players at the national level.

A very enriching first meeting with Jaoud. A week later, Jaoud asked me for a second meeting with him and Salah Eddine Bazi. After a long discussion, the three of us decided to embark on this adventure and start this project which will boost the image of these sports in Morocco.


After three months of hard work, we finally launched our project publicly on July 31, 2022.